Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ultimate Teaching

For one of our teaching activities, we were asked to teach a progression or strategy of Ultimate Frisbee. For my activity, I taught the strategy of the 3 on 2 odd person rush. The key terms used were draw and dump. I broke the class up into teams and set up two fields with end zones. As one team rushes against the other with an extra player, they focused on drawing a defensive player and dumping it to an open teammate. Once they reach the end zone or turn the Frisbee over, the other teams player comes in and a player for the defense sits out. If I were to adjust it, I would implement an activity where everybody was constantly active. If I could not have everyone involved in a game, I would use have students work on progression of passing and catching.Also, if I were to keep this activity, I would clarify the rotation a little more. Ultimate Frisbee is a great invasion game which can use multiple progressions. I can easily see implementing a unit of Ultimate Frisbee in my classroom in the future.

Ultimate Frisbee Transript

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