Friday, November 14, 2008

Hunting with Scavengers

Sorry for the blurriness, but the Y axis reads from 0 -225, by incraments of 25 as the X axis reads 0-20 by incraments of 10.
Right from the start, this lesson was unique. Breaking off into groups and allowing us to create our countrys flag automatically gave us a sense of control and unity within the group. The scavenger hunt was a change from the normal PE class, which always grasps the attention of the students. The results of the level of effort and fun everyone experienced really motivated me to try to implement this kind of teaching stradegy in the future. The activity really gave the students a feeling of control, and the motivation of a first place prize pushed everyone to hustle. The sheer results of most heart rates (especially mine) is a good enough reason to support this kind of activity. By using inter disciplinary teaching it allowed the students to connect what is being taught in other classes and allows them to learn as well through the physical. This just bennifits the childrens learning further. It also gets them excited to learn more in their other classes as well. This tactic along with the activity had shown great results in learning, motivation and physical activity. Good stuff!