Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Teaching In The First.

As I walked into the doors to the first 255 class, the last thing on my mind was getting in front of the class to lead a lesson. I couldn't have been more wrong. Getting up in front of the rest of the class I honestly was not too nervous. I knew we were all in the same spot and we all were bound to make mistakes. I had no idea how to properly run a classroom full of students. I wasn't considering the overall aspects of what a lesson should embody. The first attempt at teaching, I focused on teaching a skill through drills. I also cannot begin to name the number of missteps i had taken. Looking back now on film, I already cringe at some of the mistakes I had made. The feeling now is that of excitement; now knowing how far I need to grow in this profession. I am eager to see what is ahead for me and how I can improve.

A Second Chance At a First Attempt

While the very first day of class took me by surprise, I still took plenty away from it. Simply by conceiving knew concepts, I believe my improvement after my first day was apparent. The main focus on the second day of teaching was to get away from simple drills and engage the students in activities they both enjoy and will benefit from. With my partner, I set up an activity which involved students serving the volleyballs while aiming for Hula hoops. The drill was alright considering the lack of experience I had to deal with. If I were to suggest ways to improve the activity I would consider how many students were active. This is one of the main things to consider when instructing a lesson and should always be maximized.