Monday, December 1, 2008

Teaching With an International Twist

As our teaching progressed, we were asked to implement an activity from another country. In other words, a non-tradition game which can be used in a PE class. For this activity, I chose Ga-Ga ball, an international game from Israel. This game is a safe variation of dodge ball. To eliminate an opponent, a student must slap the Ga-Ga ball and hit another students legs. The game is played in an octagon shaped arena. Considering progressions, we had students play in a circle with no walls. To begin, I focused on getting low and defending your legs. This implemented the main points of defense in their minds. When I began to implement balls, I started the students out slow. I had them line up with partners and simply asked the to get a feel for the ball. I gave them a few ideas on how to hit the ball, but for the first day I really wanted to students to get a feel for the ball and become more creative on how they hit the ball.

Ga-ga ball packet - Lab c
Ga-ga ball lesson plan

C9 form for this lesson
Feedback Form

Second Day In an International World

As we continued with our international lessons, I had ran the class as if their progressions were moving along as planned.
To work on reaction time, I had the class line up facing the wall with a partner behind them. The partner would then throw the ball off the wall and the students would react to the ball. Considering the students were so spread out, it was difficult to give feedback while keeping your eye on everybody, and some took advantage of it. If I were to do it again, I would split the class and have the other half behind the one group passing back and forth, switching after a set time. This activity would only be practical if each of the students are proficient enough for it. The activity did help the students get a feel for defending their legs while working their reaction time to the max. Overall, I think Ga-Ga ball is a great game with easy modifications as well as easy progressions and I can definitely see myself using it in my classroom.

C9 form for day 2 of this lesson

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